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Outlinining Macro Systems

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1). How would I outline the three macro systems theories (functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism)? In addition, I plan on describing how each of these perspectives would explain the macro system problem of crime and delinquency.

2). Is there a format when outlining?

3). Here is what I came up with as my outline. I am not sure if I am correct. I need need help with coming up with an outline if the example that I am presenting is not correct. Or an example of an outline showing the three macro systems theories (functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism).

Three Macro-System Theories

I. Functionalist Perspective

A. Most influential sociological theory

B. This theory views society as a well-organized system in which most members agree on common values and norms.

C. Some of the function of this approach:

1. manifest - the obvious
2. latent - hidden and unintended

- This perspective would explain crime and delinquency by reducing and pinpointing crime and delinquency in the macro-system

II. Conflict Perspective

A. The perspective is inevitable; beneficial to society.

B. This theory views society as a struggle for power among various social groups

C. Conflict perspective rest on important assumptions:

1. power
2. wealth
3. prestige

D. Struggle and conflict may take many forms:

1. competition
2. disagreement
3. court battle
4. physical fights
5. violence
6. war

- This perspective gives a positive notion that there are better ways to deal with social problems such as crime and delinquency.

III. Interactionist Perspective

A. This theory focuses on everyday social interaction between them rather than on larger structure of society.

1. A direct offshoot of the interactionist perspective is label theory.

a. this theory holds that the labels assigned to a person have a major impact person's life.

- This theory explain why people crime, may be peer pressure

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The expert outlines macro systems theories. The format when outlining is determined.

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You're on the right track with your outline! A few things will need expanded upon, particularly your explanation of the impact of each perspective on crime. It would help to offer specific examples of the impact each theory has on crime. For instance, in discussing the conflict perspective, you state that this perspective provides alternative ...

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