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    Macro systems

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    I need help outlining the three macro systems (functionalism, conflict theory and interactionism) how would these perspectives explain the macro system problem of crime and delinquency? What system would be better supported?

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    Macro systems

    History and Development

    The prevailing worldview in philosophy was based on a set of beliefs about humans and the world focused on basic questions such as; (a) how humans existed, (b) how they lived, (c) what was considered right or wrong, or (d) what was viewed as good and bad (Brenan, 2002). The questions corresponded to philosophical themes in which answers were sought in the study of metaphysics, epistemology, cosmology, ethics, and anthropology. For example, Brennan (2002) points to a sequence of historical developments that influenced modern-day psychological thought. Primarily from the Greek philosophical perspectives, a relationship was drawn between human beings and the environment that led to conceptualizations of psychological activity including: (a) sensations, (b) perceptions, (c) thoughts, and (d) emotions.

    Theories and systems

    - Functionalism (William James, 1890) -centered on the study of the function, use and adaptability of the mind to one's changing environment. His view was that mental ...

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    This solution outlines three macro systems to explain crime and delinquency.