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    Norms and Sociological Perspectives

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    1) How are norms significant for a culture.

    2) Discuss ethnic and minority group relations in America according to each of the three theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist).

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    1) How are norms significant for a culture.

    Norms are expected behaviors and attitudes in a particular culture. What then does mean in terms of significance? Let's take an example of a norm to see. In Thai culture, it is the norm to offer respect to elders. Children and the younger individuals perform a 'wai', a kind of bow where the palms are put together like in a prayer in a display of respect. It has come to point overtime that Thais to show respect to each other 'wai' and this instils feelings of positive cohesiveness in communities. By practicing the norm of the Wai, it allows for the preservation of Thai values, ...

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    The solution is a concise APA format short essay discussing the importance of norms to a culture and also contains a discussion of ethnic group relations in the U.S. via the use of the functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionist sociological perspective. A word version of the solution is also attached. References are provided.