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    Sociology interview questions

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    Identify each person's class, race, and gender.

    What role has class, race, and gender played in their lives? How do you see these stratifiers as playing a role, even if the interviewee is unaware of it?

    Apply one of the sociological perspectives to the individuals' lives. Why did you choose this particular perspective? How does it explain each person's life and life choices?

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    Kindly rate 5/5 for my answers based on my friend's interview elements:

    Identify each person's class: lower
    Race: Chinese (immigrant from 2011)
    Gender: Female

    What role has class, race, and gender played in their lives?
    She feels that her gender made me highly victimized both in America and China. She was taught to be submissive to men, and she feels like she was used and abused in marriage and at work as a nurse and then massage therapist in America. She ...

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    A model of interview answers is briefly included based on gender, race, and class intersections.