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    Interviewing suggestions

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    Select one theory, concept, skill, or issue relating to the topic of interviewing. Review the salient scholarly literature and research regarding this topic. Describe your findings.

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    Since I am not in your class, I have no idea which field you are entering, so I made my ideas and research general in scope.

    MABRY, D. (2016). Communicating through challenges. National Provisioner, 16-18.

    Mabry (2016) advocates brevity and specificity as key interviewing tactics in order to fit a certain audience, "perfect elevator speech" (p. 18) and measure whether a story was effective if it was conveyed in 30 words or less. Again, this article was highly practical as it offered real world advice to make one's words meaningful, not full of fancy and useless meaning to impress. It was a bit conflicting, though, in terms of vocabulary and diction usage advice since I was always taught to use elevated vocabulary to create a sophisticated tone, but the author was insisting here to use more simple terminology to sound real and more "relatable."

    McCammon, R. (2016). SO, DID I GET IT?. Entrepreneur, 44(1), 15-17.

    McCammon (2016) offers some practical interviewing advice for both interviewers and interviews in highly accessible language. It was enlightening to ascertain the author's advice to ...

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