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Prime advantages of Nike's Computer Based Interview System

what are that prime advantages and disadvantages of Nike's computer base interviewing?
Are there EEO concerns regarding the system?
If interviews serve as a public relations role, what shoud Nike be concerned about?
What can Nike do to improve its system?

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One of the advantages of Nike?s computer-based interviewing system is the ability to process a large quantity of applicants quickly. To use the example given for the Nike Las Vegas store, the computer was able to screen out more than half of the applicants because the prospective employees were not qualified or available when needed. This results in a huge time and money savings for Nike. In addition, using the computer to weed out undesirable or unavailable candidates also allows the company to provide timely feedback to the job candidate without wasting store management resources on undesirable candidates. Furthermore, by using the computer interview process, Nike is able to give candidates a standardized interview process, controlling the scenarios that the applicant is asked about, and identifying the applicants who answered the questions in accordance to the job needs. This in part ...

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This solution discusses the prime advantages and disadvantages of Nike's Computer Based Interview System. It discusses if there are EEO concerns regarding the system. It also discusses if the interviews serve as a public relations role and what Nike should be concerned about. It also gives suggestions about what Nike can do to improve its' system.