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Evaluating an Interview via Functionalism

* Evaluate your selected video from the sociological perspective assigned to your Learning Team. ( Three Cups of Tea)
* Team A: Functionalist perspective
* Describe specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation.
about 200 words.


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The Functionalist Lens

Functionalism is a sociological perspective that looks at society via the position of function. If sociology is a camera to view society from, functionalism is a lens. So, we look at sociological elements - agency and agents, in the roles they play, in the function they have within society. If society is an organism or a machine, then each section, each element ...

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The solution provides assistance and insight in evaluating an interview (through its transcript) via the functionalist viewpoint. The interview is of Greg Mortensen and his daughter by Natalie Morales (3 Cups of Tea). Further references are listed for exporation of the topic.