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Patterns & Themes: Counselling

Question: How do you identify patterns or themes in a participant's perceptions?

Interviewing in Action - Relationship, Process and Change. Second Edition
Authors - Bianca Cody Murphy and Carolyn Dillon, Chapters 3 and 4.

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Below is your solution. Murphy & Dillon discuss establishing patterns in an interview qualitatively as a guideline only and did not set to fully quantify it only as limited to certain rules. hence, the nature of your solution. Good luck!

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Themes & Patterns in Interviews: Participants

In the social sciences, gathering data at times mean interviewing or interacting with people to provide a body of discourse which is considered a data stream in order to come up with knowledge or information relevant to the topic of research. This practice can be done both qualitatively & quantitatively, with the former practiced on interview research in direct formal sessions & the latter via ethnographic & anthropologic research practices. In both cases, discourse analysis is used as pioneered by Michel Foucault to analyse the data to ...

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The solution explores the themes and patterns used in counselling in a concise APA-style essay which is also attached as a word file.