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    Qualitative tools and techniques

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    1. Can you provide a description of the qualitative data and the analytical tools and techniques that would be most useful for evaluating the problem of how the Veterans Health Administration curtail delays in veterans receiving medical appointments.

    2. Would you justify the use of these tools and techniques, and explain why they are the most appropriate for this topic?

    References would be appreciated.

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    Qualitative data should be used to pinpoint commonalities and differences specific to CATEGORIES and THEMES. When categories or themes are identified, they should be coded to identify them and which category or theme they apply. The researcher should make sure to tell the story of the participant and not their own. Once these categories or themes are identified and coded, the coded information is divided into differences and similarities. Each category will now have its own information to be analyzed. The researcher can now identify specific patterns through coding of ...

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    This solution provides a review of the tools and techniques to use in qualitative data analysis.