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    The Family & Social Control

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    1. Discuss the social institution of family from the various sociological perspectives. Give examples to support your answer.

    2. Discuss the various components of social control. Identify and describe how sanctions may be used to control the expectations of society regarding people's actions and behaviors.

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    Sociological Perspectives and the Social Institution of the Family

    Society is the 'subject' of the social sciences. Generally Speaking society is that complex social organization of human beings that share an identity inhabiting dynamic relationships and a distinctive culture. Members of a society identify themselves through that society and work together with other members to ensure that the rules generally agreed upon by all members to govern how they relate to each other are in place. Sociological perspectives are viewpoints from which we study and understand society and its varied mechanics and elements. There are varied sociological perspectives available to social scientists for the purpose of study. What sociological perspective is used depends on the theories and purposes of the one undertaking the study.

    There are 3 main sociological perspectives that I believe can be used to study the social unit of the family. Functionalism looks at the family as if it was one mechanical entity with every member of the family taking on a role and a function affecting the whole. For example, the mother is the nurturer, support to the husband in terms of keeping the family together taking on household duties as well as economic duties; the father, traditionally is 'head' of the family whose primary function is to provide for the economic and financial needs of his wife and children; the children are ...

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