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    Family Case Study Mezzo review

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    I have a case study that I have described which is attached. I would like some guidance and or suggestions on how to apply mezzo level practice to the dynamics of the family in the scenario.

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    Social Work Case Study: Domestic Violence


    Ronald, the head of the household is 54 and is married to a 39 year-old with whom he has a teenage son who is 16. Ronald is ex-military. Serving for 8 years, he has only recently returned with his family. In much of the 8 years, his only time spent with his family are those within military leaves as even when he is on-base, he spent much of his time training and attending to his duties. His job allowed him to provide for his family well. But in the 9 months that he has been released from the military, the family had to adjust to a new living condition. The military hierarchy and duties allowed for Ronald to have a different environment where all his expectations of precision and no-questions asked are met. The action of a military life and the camaraderie of his fellow soldiers are so different from the kind of situation he is confronted with at home. His son is not as precise nor as astute as the new recruits, for example. In a way he has a sense that he has no control. The problem is, Ronald was raised in a home where domestic violence was common. His father expressed his frustration and anger physically and verbally and this condition has also manifested in Ronald as it had been a part of his socialization. His actions were based on the effect that his own father's action had on him and as such, beating up his son, pushing his wife, verbally going over the line to get his points across - points which he thinks are right and necessary to express himself has, in actually created a home where domestic violence has become standard.

    The Mezzo Level Dynamic

    The macro, mezzo and micro perspectives allow social workers to be able to look at a case from different angles to allow them to put together specialized and relevant intervention programs. The mezzo level is of great interest as it allows for a perspective that details the situation of a particular social issue at the group and community level. Whereas the micro perspective allows one to go in depth, and in ...

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    the solution provides a review of the case study (see attached) via the mezzo perspective, reviewing the dynamics of the family in the case study, in particular, the issues confronting the family. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.