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    Social Work case study using macro,mezzo and micro analysis

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    I have to develop a conceptual overview of a Social Work Case Study. It can be a person or group from a hypothetical professional experience (or a hypothetical case). The project has to demonstrate a mezzo or macro application of the case situation.

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    The solution below should get you started. Don't forget to review your class materials when putting together your final paper so you can include important ideas from there to make your answers reflect ideas from your class discussions. I have used this case study as this is a documented event and can be viewed quite easily from a micro, mezzo and macro perspective. This is very interesting as the case is based in the third world. For more, you can read about this in the resources I have listed. I have embedded some images as well (see attachments). Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    A Social Work Case Study: The Children of Datalnay

    In a developing nation, problems abound as ecological, political, social, military, territorial or a host of other incarnations. The Philippines is an archipelago nation in Southeast Asia, on the South-eastern region of the Pacific Ocean sitting just above Indonesia and across South of Taiwan and Japan and West of Vietnam and Malaysia. It has booming urban areas and metropolitan cities, namely Metro Manila in the main island of Luzon (which is also the financial center and national capital) and Cebu in Central Visayas. One of the main problems in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, education and technology from the centers to the peripheries is the fact that the country is made up of 7,107 islands and some of the most far-flung places that can hardly be reached face tremendous challenges of survival.

    The trek to Datalnay (Village is in the furthest Mountains in the background).

    In the main island of Mindanao in the south, the thriving cities of Davao and Cotabato couldn't be more far away in terms of the state of living of their populations in comparison to that of the people living in the most far flung villages of the province of Saranggani. Situated in the southern tip of Mindanao, it is positioned as a major gateway to trade as it houses a trading port in its capital, the town of Alabel. The central and northern region of the province is characterized by massive mountain ranges (Alip Range & Daguma Range) containing some of the highest points in the island. This region is home to verdant rainforests that, as the fighting between rebel groups and the Philippine army continue become the hinterland home of the Abbu Sayaff - the Al Qaeda element in what is termed as 'Muslim Mindanao'. As such, the people who live in the hinterlands are often without due access to important government services - healthcare, schools, hospitals and government assistance. Among the most far-flung of these villages is Sitio Datalnay, a small farming village in the mountains of the town of ...

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    The solution provides an ethnographic case study of an isolated group of children in the third world with a unique social work need. Their story is related and analyzed using the macro mezzo and micro perspective.References are listed for further exploration of the topic.