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Social Groups and Social Control

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Task Name: Phase 4 Individual Project 2
Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages (APA format)
Details: Library Research Assignment
Social Control: Provide professional and personal examples of how social groups (family, friends, relationships, education, religion, and work) may influence you as an individual using conformity and obedience. Identify a social network with which you are a member. What is the role of social networks?
Use a minimum of 2 credible academic sources to support your paper, citing resources in APA format.
Objective: â?¢ Explain the influence of groups and the processes of groups social control.
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Describe some of the groups you are part of. How do they function to create a sense of conformity or social control? Provide 2 examples of groups, describing how these groups are influenced by their norms and sanctions. Don't forget to include an underlined thesis sentence, APA in-text citations and reference. See me for questions about this assignment.

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Social groups, groups of influence, family groups, networking all have influence in people's lives, and how they view themselves. People join groups because they perceive themselves as part of the group. The person believes their interests are the same or similar as those others in the group and the joining is a comfortable approach to normalizing that interest.

(This sentence should be your thesis.)

Among the groups, I belong to the family with parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Each of these units helps me identify as a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother. I am all of these things, which are acceptable in society for ...

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