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sociology and locus of control

In 500 words, describe what intake you can get from a sociology class. Demonstrate how to apply locus of control and how you take the external and make it as internal.

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Dear Student,
Hi. I am of the opinion that this question is one that is asking you to reflect on the possible application of sociology in your own life. So how should you answer it? I suggest using the following outline:
1. What is the locus of control? 100 words.
2. What is sociology and why is it a relevant field of study? 200 words.
3. What can be taken from the external experience of sociology internally to make a difference in one's life? 200 words.
This outline should help you get this problem answered. I have followed this outline in the narrative I have made for you below to exemplify how to get it done. Good luck with your studies.

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Locus of Control

The locus of control is the degree by which people believe how much of their life is controlled or shaped by external forces or by their own choices. What matters here is how the individual sees it - is he or she in control or is someone or something else in control (i.e. luck, ...

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Sociology and locus of controls are examined. The intake you can get from a sociology class are given.