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Social Institutions to be Controlled for Dominance

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What social institutions do you believe are the most important for a dominant group to control in order to maintain their dominance? Analyze the dynamics between social institutions and the dominant group's desire for power in society.

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Society and Social Groups

Society is made up of a number of social groups. While we all belong to the larger society, we understand that we belong to smaller groups in which we find a sense of belonging in which our membership contribute to our notion of self and identity. For example, students find that they belong the sub group largely known as 'the youth' and within the university, while they see themselves as members of the university population (a secondary social group), many find membership in smaller groups like clubs, fraternities and sororities or particular colleges, hobby groups as well as smaller intimate groups like group of friends. A social group can be intimate or primary (family, friends), secondary (i.e. workplace, organizations, schools, churches) and referential (i.e. hobby groups). Primary groups are governed by intimacy and familiarity, secondary grouping by rules of organization, and the third, a grouping made by individuals because of choice. Each of these groups have particular practices that can be named as their unique culture and tradition. Membership in some are seen as more important than membership in others.

Social Dominance Theory

Some groups of people are thrust into positions of power in society either by tradition and contextual history of their group, or via their own struggles to grab power and keep power. An example of the former are groups of people constituting 'Royal families' in nation-states still governed by monarchy while an example of the latter are groups of people - like military groups - who grab power via a military take over of a nation (i.e. The ...

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The social institution to be controlled for dominance are determined. The expert analyzes the dynamics between social institution and the dominant group's desire for power in society.