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The Control of Latin American Colonial Governments

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- What institutions were created by Latin American colonial governments to maintain control over subjugated peoples?
- How did these institutions create class inequalities?
- How have disadvantaged people contested colonialism and its effects?

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Institutions in Latin America

When the Spanish and the Portuguese took control of Latin America, they looked towards 2 important institutions that controlled the territories, particularly the life and affairs of the conquered Amerindians. Catholicism or the Christian Church was one of these while another important institution is the Colonial military power as each new territory was governed by crown-appointed governor generals who commanded the naval and land military power of Portugal and Spain that allowed for the subjugation of the Amerindians. Combine, Religion and the military control of the territories allowed for utter subjugation to happen. Religion controlled the spiritual and social affairs of the people. Christian doctrine and the Christianization of Latin America threw away the old Amerindian pantheon of Gods. With the Catholic Church at the heart of each pueblo, it was easy to control and dictate the way of life of the Amerindians under the indoctrination of the church. Catholic Schools were established, instructing new ways of doing and learning which further established colonial control. The military ensured that insurrections and rebellion are quickly quelled and with this, the colonial institution established itself as the central power in Latin ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise on the topic of colonial governments of Latin America and the social inequalities,issues with power and control they created as social institutions. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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