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Dominance Theory vs. Pluralist Theory

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A Study Two Theories of Business Power: the Dominance Theory and the Pluralist Theory

1) Introduction
2) Analysis and contrast of two theories.
3) Conclusion

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Who rules the world? Dumhoff (2005) says, "There are five rival theories that attempt to explain the power structure," but this text will examine only two. However, a better question to probe would be if either Dominance or Pluralism is an actual "theory" or if they are merely hypotheses? Scientifically speaking, subjects of research are not given the classification, "Theory" until evidence proves the idea is correct. Only then are findings labeled as a theory, theorem, or law.

Interestingly, famous researchers such as David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, and others have proposed strong evidence for both the Dominance & Pluralist Theory being controlling operators of society. Plus, through alternative media, popular films, such as Energy=Work: Human Resources and THRIVE educate the public, as they shed light on what's really going on the world. Most people are so busy with their lives - either working, going to school, or trying to care for ...

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This solution explores, two theories of power in the corporate world: the Dominance Theory and the Pluralist Theory. Explanation of the power structure is explained along with if these are, in fact, theories or hypotheses. Finally, the solution wraps up with an analysis and contrast of the subject matter before ending with a conclusion in philosophy.

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