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Discuss contending theories of causes of Cold War

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1. Discuss contending theories of causes of Cold War. What are they? Which theory do you find most persuasive, and why?.
2. Describe the long-cycle theory and discuss the possible implications the peaceful end of the Cold War might have on this theory.

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1. The Cold War era theories focused on two hegemonies ideology competing for world dominance after the World War II. The two hegemonies were the United States and Soviet Union. The United States interest was to polarize the world with democratic- capitalist system while the Soviet Union wanted to polarize the world Marxist-communist system. There were also underlining land disputes between the two states. Both countries had a great lack of trust for the other, following the conception of the NATO to defense against the Soviet by the U.S. and the Western European. The Soviet perceived this initiative as an aggression and they responded by forming the Warsaw Pact. The competition for world dominance led to the nuclear weapons arms race that ended ...

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