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    There are two contending grand theories

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    There are two contending grand theories - realism and liberalism - that attempt to explain why states act as they do in our global system.
    a. Compare and contrast the major elements of these two theories.
    b. Discuss how each of these theories might be used to explain the U.S. decision to invade Iraq.
    c. Explain which of the two seems the most compelling to you and why.

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    a. Compare and contrast the major elements of these two theories.
    Liberalism theory ideas focus on good nature of a country, its people, and the progress for a better environment. This theory is also known as idealism, an actor who has concern for human welfare and believes unity, human right, and freedom are important factors of humankind. Liberalist believes human bad behaviors are a direct result of evil and that equality, dignity, and liberty of individuals must be protected. The liberals view the global as a community where each state must be interrelated with collective security, international law, and democratic governance and civil liberties. This theory views war as a global problem requiring collective and multilateral efforts and control to prevent states from fighting each other. The theory also stresses that alliance between states should be terminated for balance of power between states. Additionally, liberal economists believe a state must be allowed to trade freely with other state without trade barriers or sanctions. However, realism theory ...

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