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International Relations Theory & American Political Philosophy

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Question: What are the three main schools of thought that form the basis of international relations theory and what relationship if any do they have to the two main political philosophies in America?

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The solution provides a concise yet comprehensive picture of international relations by looking at the 3 main theoretical approaches and how they relate to the political philosophies prevalent in American society.

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The question is asking for the three major theoretical approaches to international relations. International relations theory forms the basis from which a country's diplomatic strategies are formulated. These strategies are employed by the President of the United States in developing his relations with other countries. The approaches also provide the framework for policy development in various cabinet positions and embassy offices. That, in essence, is the reasoning behind the study of international relations. A good understanding of the various theories and their components enables someone in a decision-making capacity to formulate policies related to international relations and incidents that may occur.

These approaches are studied within a specific structural framework around which any projected solutions to diplomacy can be arrived at by the policy director. The structure is as follows: Major actors are identified----who is the most important player(s)? Major assumptions about each actor are stated----How are the actors viewed, what is their behavioral dynamic, and what is/are the major issues within this approach?

The ...

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