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    Cultural Policy Research

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    What is a cultural policy?
    Why do we need to have a cultural policy?
    From your point of view, what content should be covered in a cultural policy to accomplish the goal of cultural development?
    Offer examples of what an existing cultural policy covers to achieve its goals.

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    When asserting why do we need to have a cultural policy, the current state and implications of globalization encourage us to do so in order to ensure and promote equity. The international environment plays a key role in why we need to implement cultural policies.

    One source also insists on why it's critical:

    PETERS, M. A., & BESLEY, T. (2012). Education, Dialogue and Interculturalism: New directions and contexts. Educational Philosophy & Theory, 44(9), 909-912.

    The authors advise that cultural policies are helpful because "interculturalism must be located in its global context, that in talking of ...

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