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    Cultural Policies Implementations

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    What is a cultural policy?
    •Why do we need to have a cultural policy?
    Offer examples of what an existing cultural policy covers to achieve its goals.

    Please provide 3- 4 paragraphs on your thoughts .

    Please use provide supportive material based on your response.

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    According to Webster's World of Cultural Policy (WWCD.org), cultural policies are systems with long-term objectives and means (through a legislation, etc.) that are all combined to guide any social entity in managing its cultural affairs. Oftentimes, the governments, Congress, school boards, White House and several private institutions organize cultural policies. However, in some countries and places, cultural policy is not actually defined in formal way and we only see the cultural effects of social actions.
    For example, the "urban renewal" trend where urban redevelopment policies were created to solve problems regarding below standard living conditions, overcrowding, etc. The results have affected the cultural life in the urban center such as removing meeting places and landmarks, redevelopment of the cultural lives in the ...

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