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ERP Business Implementations

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I need help with conducting a preliminary search as well as responding to the following:
- Discuss why an organization must expect the implementation of an ERP to disrupt operations.
- Scalability has several dimensions. What are they? What do they mean for ERP installation?
- Distinguish between the two-tier and three-tier client server model. Describe when each would be used?

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- Discuss why an organization must expect the implementation of an ERP to disrupt operations.

Organizations must expect ERP implementations to disrupt operations because ERP implementations are extremely time consuming and frequently result in too much time and money being spent because of mismanagement of ERP projects or the hiring of ERP consultants lacking project management experience, resulting in project overruns. In addition, companies are prone to grossly underestimate the time and money required to effectively implement their ERP systems.

ERP projects disrupt operations because of a lack of required internal expertise or bandwidth to handle the complexities and risks of an ERP implementation. ...

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Almost 400 words explain the disruptions ERP implementation can cause as well as what it means for scalability. Sources included.

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