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ERP Implementations

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At the beginning of the 21st century, as businesses prepared for Y2K, companies were implementing a new computer system which was Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The company where you work wants to implement an ERP system, however, part of management wants to implement it using the "big-bang" approach and the other part of management wants to use the "phased-in" approach. Evaluate the benefits and risk using both approaches.

I need help with

a. ERP implementations are at risk to extensive cost overruns. Discuss three of the more commonly experienced problems area.

b. Describe four advantages and four disadvantages of implementing an ERP system at a multinational corporation.

c. Why might a firm decide to implement only certain modules in an ERP system rather than a complete implementation?

1-2 pages in length written in APA format with references.

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This solution of 279 words gives background information on ERP and discusses its advantages and disadvantages in implementation in companies. It also explains why companies implement on specific modules rather than the whole system.

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