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Cultural Training and Practices in Global Businesses

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When establishing a new division internationally, what type of of policies should HR make when adjusting the to US procedures or vice versa?

How should a company address the cultural differences when an expat transfers to a foreign country...who should adjust to the cultural differences. Should the Expat adjust to the host or the host country adjust to policies and practices of the busienss?

When training, what organization structure should the compnay use to train and develop practices to adjust to the lanugage, cultural and productuion differences?

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When establishing a new division internationally, what type of policies should HR make when adjusting to US procedures or vice versa?

This sounds like a long-term relationship rather than a quick business transaction. With this in mind HR should expend every effort to adjust to the host country. I would assume that most of the labor force will be hired from the local community. Therefore local values, customs and beliefs should be taken into consideration. Policies should reflect these local values, customs and beliefs. These policies should apply to dress code, work hours, holiday leave, vacation length, work environment, promotion policies and ideas about hierarchy and ways to show honor and respect. By setting policies that adapt, as much as possible, to the local community the company will ensure that the work force will have a sense of ownership and partnership rather than just feeling like a cog in the machine.

How should a company ...

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This discussion examines the types of cultural issues that must be considered in establishing a business in a foreign country. What types of policies should be considered? How should companies address cultural differences? Who should be expected to adjust, the host country or the expat country? Over 600 words of original text.