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Scientific Research Contributing to Social Policy Change

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Researchers argue that science and social research can often overlap to bring about policy change. What are some examples of how scientific research can contribute to social policy changes?

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This solution will assist the student in understanding how scientific research can contribute to social policy change.

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Initially the research can be tailored to consider social issues. Social policy primarily refers to guidelines and interventions for the changing, maintenance, or creation of living conditions that are conducive to human welfare. Therefore, social policy includes scientific research (the systematic investigation of scientific theories and hypotheses) in education, health, housing, employment, and food for all people. Another way of saying this is that scientific research contributes to social policy changes by focusing on the systematic evaluation of societies' responses to social need.

A policy researcher asks:

What conditions, that we can affect with public policy, produce a change in development?


How do we bring about those conditions?

(Source: Aletha C. Hutson. Connecting the Science of Child Development to Public Policy. Social Policy Report, Vol. XIX, No. IV, ...

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