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    Research as a Decision and Dilemma-Centered Activity

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    Why is research referred to as decision and dilemma-centered?

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    Research becomes decision and dilemma-centered because management has to commit all its resources (cost and time) including risks once decision to go on with the research activity is agreed.

    McGraw-Hill (n.d.) noted that the research process begins at the most general level with the management dilemma. This is usually a symptom of an actual problem, such as rising costs, the discovery of an expensive chemical compound that would increase the efficacy of a drug, increasing tenant move-outs from an apartment complex, declining sales, a larger number of product defects during the manufacture of an automobile, and an increasing number of letters and phone complaints about post-purchase service.

    It is also a decision and dilemma-centered because research involves risks that research proponents has to face.
    Let us look at these constraints and implication once a research is committed:

    1. Resource constraint. Research entails both investments in cost and time.

    A. Cost. Depending on the type of research being conducted, research may cost from a few thousand dollars to millions of ...

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    The solution justifies that research is a decision and dilemma-centered endeavor. It maintains that conducting research involves resources, time, risks and academic, physical and moral impact.