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    Strategic Market Planning: Lexus LS 460

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    What is the dilemma facing Lexus?

    What factors are important in understanding this decision?

    What are the alternatives? Which do you recommend?

    What are some ways to implement your recommendation?

    See attachment!

    Each question has to be answered in 200-350 words...Thanks!

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    Step 1
    The dilemma facing Lexus is whether it should continue to include Advanced Parking Guidance System in Lexus LS 460 sedan. The system allows the car to be parked in parallel with ease. The driver only needs to pull ahead of the empty parking space, make a few minor adjustments on the computer screen, and lift his foot off the brake. The Lexus LS requires a parking space that is six feet longer than the car. The inclusion of the Advanced Parking Guidance System increases the price of Lexus LS 460 sedan to more than $70,000. The dilemma is whether the luxury car owners will want and use the Advanced Parking Guidance System. Did research carried on customers reveal that the customers wanted such a feature on their Lexus? The dilemma is that Lexus should have worked on this feature and removed all the kinks in the system and only then should have introduced this feature. The feature according to some experts is not very useful and there are several problems in using the feature. The dilemma is that that Lexus may have moved away from customer needs. It needs to refocus on the consumer. Perhaps Lexus should have carried out a marketing research on the customer need for a Advanced Parking Guidance System and only then developed the system

    Step 2
    The first factor that is important in understanding this decision is the need of ...

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