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Marketing tools for three websites

Can someone help me? I need help in identifying marketing tools for, and I reviewed all three websites and they all look the same. Would you please also include your observations of the apparent customer service provided by the three websites?

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You may need to elaborate a little further on these points, but this is some substantial information on which to build.

Internet technologies enable companies to build Web sites that can be customized to meet the specific needs of their various users. Businesses that want to succeed in marketing online must take advantage of this unique quality of the Web to reach out to their customers. Business Web sites that want to capitalize on this opportunity must include electronic customer relationship management (CRM) among their features. The two most important features for providing seamless customer service online are integration between the companies' call centers and their Web sites and providing quick, accurate responses to online inquiries about product information, order status, or after-sale problems (Schneider, 2004). Lexus, Honda and Kia sites are good examples of companies who are building solid relationships with their customers online through deploying sound marketing strategies which emphasize customer service.

The marketing tools Lexus uses on its website are subtle, yet definitive. The ...

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This is a discussion of the marketing tools for, and including observations of the apparent customer service provided by the three websites.