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Marketing Tools

Describes the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites:

1. AugsburgFortress.org
2. LandsEnd.com
3. Overstock.com

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Marketing Tools used on websites

Describes the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites:

1. AugsburgFortress.org
Product: The product line is focused on religious books, textiles, vestments, bibles and newsletters. There is no doubt that this is a religious site and most of the products related to religion and its practice will be available on this site. Even events related to religion like assemblies, religious tours and clinics can be registered for from this site. Music, gifts and worship appointments are available on this site. This is a comprehensive site of the Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Pricing: This website is not a discount store. Its positioning is not diluted by banners of discounts, however in case of purchase interest free financing is available. For example, pews for Lutheran worship provide interest free financing and easy installments. The online prices are better than normal store prices. For example "Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Pew Edition costs $20.
Promotion: There are blogs that speak of the site; there are advertisements and banners in the Lutheran Churches. In addition, the site is trying to position itself as ...

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