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    Social Control, Social Actors and Deviancy

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    Discuss social control methods (rewards & punishments) as a way to prevent social actors from performing deviant behavior. Discuss some examples of social controls that can be found within a family. Are social controls affective?

    *400 words for 4 credits*

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    Social Control

    Social control simply put is the regulation and control of society over individuals and groups. Society is made up of people with different beliefs, personalities and coming from unique socializations. Thus for society to function and develop inspite of these differences, control to mitigate, manage, organise and allow for these differences to co-exist is essential. These controls can be informal or formal or both and they are fundamental to affect desired behaviour in individuals to move them to develop and practice desired social qualities not only for their growth but for the development and progress of society as a whole. Informal social controls include the internalisation and practice of social norms, traditions, beliefs and values imbibed by the individual through socialization (i.e. religious practices, political positions, food traditions) while formal social controls the laws that a country has, policies and rules set by government over matters of state and society as well as the code of ethics and behavior in companies, various organizations and businesses. All informal and formal means of control, dependent on one's socialization combine within an individual and he or she as well as organizations seen as singular social entities, act within the remit of these controls, as social actors. It is important to determine first off what a social actor is. If society is made up of individuals and groups - each of these individuals and groups have the capacity and ...

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