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Sociological understanding of deviancy

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I need help trying to achieve a sociological understanding of deviancy and normalcy. Help me understand the relative nature of what we consider insanity, normalcy and deviancy within the context of society.

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This solution is a discussion of how society determines what is deviancy and what is considered normalcy. Examples are used to make this 351 word discussion easy to understand.

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The best way to understand how sociologically relevant deviancy is, is to look at the phenomenon of madness or insanity. The insane are usually incarcerated in specialized care centers, which means that they are treated 'medically'. However, is insanity really a medical problem?
There was a tale about a drifter. He came to a village with a poisoned well of water. Initially, only about 5 of the villagers drank from the well. After drinking they started walking on their hands. The village incarcerated them ...

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