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    Definitions for values, mores, folkway, sanction

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    Discuss the following terms by giving examples of their application of how your family celebrated a holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Memorial day, etc.

    Define the term and give a very specific example of each term for your life.

    1. Value

    2. Mores

    3. Folkway

    4. Sanction

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    First, here are some good definitions:
    Value: Principles, standards or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable by the person who holds them.

    Abstract ideas about what a society believes to be good, right, and desirable.

    Those qualities of behavior, thought, and character that society regards as being intrinsically good, having desirable results, and worthy of emulation by others.

    Assumptions, convictions, or beliefs about the manner in which people should behave and the principles that should govern behavior.

    Values are our subjective reactions to the world around us. They guide and mold our options and behavior. Values have three important characteristics. First, values are developed early in life and are very resistant to change. Values develop out of our direct experiences with people who are important to us, particularly our parents. Values rise not out of what people tell us, but as a result how they behave toward us and others. Second, values define what is right and what is wrong. Notice that values do not involve external, outside standards to tell right or wrong; rather, wrong, good or bad are intrinsic. Third, values themselves cannot be proved correct or incorrect, valid or invalid, right or wrong. If a statement can be proven true or false, then it cannot be a value. Values tell what we should believe, regardless of any evidence or lack thereof.

    Beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment (either for or against something); "he has very conservative values"

    Mores are strongly held norms or customs. These ...

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