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Gay Parenting

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a. What core social values are most challenged by legalized gay adoption?

b. How have these "values" been defined and reinforced?

c. Assuming these values are changing, at least for some individuals or societies, how have experts explained or described the change?

d. How has your personal view of "the family" changed over your lifetime?

e. Supporters and opponents of gay adoption both claim to have children's best interests at heart. Which do you think is in the best interest of children: banning or permitting their adoption by gay parents? Why?

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a. The core social values that are most challenged by legalized gay adoption are the values of maintaining the traditional family unit. Maintaining these values includes utilizing a male husband and a female wife in the raising of a child, as well as maintaining the sanctity of the marital relationship between heterosexuals.

b. These values have usually been defined based upon a religious or biblical perspective, which outlines the proper relationship status and union between a male ...

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