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Effective parenting skills

How would you describe good parenting skills?

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Below are listed points that make for good parenting skills that may or may not be universal in the plethora of different cultures around the world. I hope you find these suggestions helpful in completing your assignment.

ONE) No use of power assertion: Parents who use power assertion (ie. Physical punishment, threats and denial of privileges) latently cause a lack of moral feelings and poor behavior in their children, cause their child's poor-self control, and cause their child's lack of internalizing moral values (Wade & Tavris). Furthermore, parents who yell, scream, scold and excessively spank their children do not provide an adequate and understanding to the child of the repercussions of the child's action to their own behaviors. An alternative to power assertion is induction. Induction is a parenting technique where parents explain to the child how the child's behaviors could cause harm and hurt to others. In short, parents try to appeal to the child's helpful nature (altruism), affection, ...

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Effective parenting skills are summarized with references to justify.