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Socialization in the Early Years

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1. Discuss the relationship between parenting practices, (such as method of control; power assertion, love withdrawal, induction) and the socialization of a child in his or her early years.

2. Explain the influence of the child's temperament on parent effectiveness.

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I have also provided a document with an excerpt from the book "Social and Personality Development" that gives you examples of how the 4-model parent style (listed above) influence child development. Let me know if you need further information or help.

There are basically four types of parenting styles that contribute to the development of children in early childhood:
1) Authoritarian-restrictive and punitive
- These children are often unhappy, fearful, and anxious
- Weak communication skills and are more introverted

2) Authoritative-encourages child to be independent but provides limitations and boundaries
- Children are more often cheerful, self-controlled, self-reliant, and achievement oriented
- Develop and maintain friendly relationships with peers, cooperate with adults, ...