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    Child Devlopment & Families in Transition

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    1. If a child's temperament is not a good "fit" with the temperament of is caregiver, how can this slow down his socialization?

    2. How do a person's peers socialize him?

    3. What are the three broad categories of temperament people can have?

    4. List several of the rather scary, ecological trends of society that challenge families, schools, and communities.

    5. What is the difference between self-concept and self-esteem?

    6. List some of the positive outcomes of secure attachment.

    7. How is feedback important to socialization?

    8. How can modeling play a part in socializing a child?

    9. What are the 5 basic functions of the family? Briefly describe each in your own words.

    10. Look at the list of the Top Ten Family Stresses. Do you think they are in the correct order of significance? How would you change the list?

    11. Which 2 age groups are more likely to accept a step-parent and do a better job with the adjustment?

    12. Throughout history, families have changed the ways they carry out their various functions. How has the function of reproduction changed?

    13. What are some of the possible long-term consequences of a child being abused or neglected?

    14. What types or parental behaviors can be considered psychological or emotional abuse?

    15. What types of children are most likely to be abused?

    16. What does research say about children whose fathers are involved in their care?

    17. The text lists 5 significant predictors of quality in a childcare program. What are they?

    18. There has been a trend in many early childhood programs toward teaching academic skills. In response to this, NAEYC published specific guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice for programs serving children birth through eight years. What does NAEYC actually mean by DAP?

    19. There have been theories and studies recently on the possible harm of placing infants under the age of 1 year of age in daycare for more than 20 hours per week. What do researchers fear may happen?

    20. Reggio Emilia children are free to choose from a variety of activities prepared by the teacher. These activities often emerge from the children's interests. This can be called an example of a ________________approach to early childhood education.

    Please provide any references used. Thank you.

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    By responding to the questions, this solution examines aspects of child development, family transition issues and other topics related to families and child development e.g. self-esteem, neglect, caregiver, socialization, peers, teacher, school, family stresses, step-parents, etc. References are provided.