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Team Decision Making

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Read the article The Transition to Group Decision Making in Child Protection Cases: Obtaining Better Results for Children and Families (http://nc.casaforchildren.org/files/public/community/judges/July_2011/EDWARDS_Group_Decision_Making.pdf).

In a one- to two- page paper, discuss the following:

What does team decision making mean when discussing at-risk families?
Describe and analyze some of the underlying values and beliefs of team decision making.
What are some of the models?
What might some of the advantages of team decision making be?
What might some of the barriers of team decision making?
How might team decision making impact schools?
The paper should be one- to two- pages and include a minimum of three sources in addition to the provided article. APA formatting is required.

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Team Decision Making (TDM), TDM "is a meeting of parents, caregivers, professionals, and youths, as appropriate, whenever there is a probability that a child will be removed from parental care, a placement may be changed or a reunification or permanency plan may be changed" (1). This type of meeting helps to safeguard that the best possible choices are formulated for the child, his or her safety, and placement, and is decided by the people who care about them are most involved in the child's life, while striving to maintain the family unity as well as community relationships (1).

the underlying values and beliefs of TDM's are (1):
1. Families possess strengths and are capable of change.
2. Opportunities must be created for families to display these strengths.
3. Groups can generally be more successful in making good decisions over an individual.
4. Families are experts about themselves.
5. Families are qualified to identify their own needs and strengths, and should be involved in making decisions that pertain to their families.
6. Communities can serve as allies to the ...

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Discusses Team decision making and how it can benefit at risk families. It also discusses the models of TDM, as well as the advantages, barriers, and how schools can be impacted by TDM.

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