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    Individual Decision Making theories and Effectiveness of Teams

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    1. Describe the evidence regarding the effectiveness of teams in organizations and explain the failure some teams to operate as effectively as possible.

    2. Explain the three major approaches to individual decision making (the rational-economic model, the administrative model, and image theory).

    3. Identify and discuss the various factors that contribute to imperfect decision making in YOUR organization.

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    1. The evidence regarding the effectiveness of teams in organizations can be explained and summarized in three team leadership concepts:

    (1) Teams can ensure their effectiveness through shared responsibility. Managers, executives, and team players all share in the responsibility of ensuring the organization's effectiveness.
    (2) The team members must share a common goal, work interdependently, and coordinate efforts to accomplish desired objectives. Two heads are better than one: team players work together to achieve goals and to produce ...

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    The individual decision making theories and effectiveness of teams is examined.