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Leadership Skills and Management Strategies

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Using Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience and The Future of Management as points of departure, this course has focused on understanding, evaluating, and applying concepts/practices that involve the following five elements:

● the individual leader
● followers
● the leadership context/situation
● leadership skills
● management

Using two (2) additional sources from the list that follows as research materials analyze and evaluate:

1. How each of the sources treats those five elements;
2. How each of the sources treats any connection or interaction between, or distinctions between, those five elements;
3. How your personal leadership experience or experience in working with leaders confirms or disconfirms the broad perspectives offered by the sources.

Remember that you should also refer back to the Hughes et al. and Hamel texts in your analysis. Be sure your paper has an introduction, explaining its purpose and main ideas, as well as a conclusion.

Caroselli, M. (2000). Leadership skills for managers. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Kotter, J. (1996). Leading change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.
Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2007, 4th ed.). The leadership challenge. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Rost, J. (1991). Leadership for the twenty-first century. New York: Praeger.
Stahl, J. (2007). Lessons on leadership: The 7 fundamental management skills for leaders at all levels. New York: Kaplan.
Zaleznik, A. (2008). Managers and leaders: Are they different? Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business Review (available through Amazon as a PDF file for $6.50).
Zenger, J. H. & Folkman, J. The extraordinary leader: Turning good managers into great leaders. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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The review into leadership skills for effectively leading the business organization to reach targeted goals.

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Hope you are well.

1. How each of the sources treats those five elements;

● The individual leader

Keep in mind, the leadership role is imperative for the business entity to reaching set goals and initiatives accordingly for reaching success. The individual needs specific skill sets for effectively conducting leadership output that brings forth desired results within the targeted marketplace. In doing so, the main objective is in utilizing core skill sets that empower the individual to making effective decisions with proven results. Therefore, in the case study indicating needed effective decision making implemented, the individual is central to outlining in applying effective decisions accordingly, i.e. hiring new staff or freelancers when demand increases.

Try and connect the role of leadership skill sets as primary element for influencing others (work teams of employees) by the individual designated as leading the business forward within the targeted marketplace; communication skills and interpersonal skills as wells knowledge base.

● Followers

Aim in connecting the followers as work teams and stakeholders receiving the updates and directions from the leadership individual, in which, the decision making is key to rendering desired results of such investors (work teams employee and stakeholders). In doing so, the followers can work together in supporting the leadership team to assure the end result is received in a timely manner (reduction of using resources during a period of time). The followers offer a way to measure individual leadership role and performance to determining if moving forward is ...

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