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Order to address the current crisis for leadership training

As consultant for MSO, you realize that in order to address the current crisis, some leadership training is necessary for managers and management to facilitate the transition into a different leadership and management approach.

This new approach would involve learning new leadership skills and management techniques.

List and provide a rationale for the new leadership skills that would be the focus in such a training venture. Create a proposal for the training venture.

Be sure to discuss the following:

The need for the leadership training. (This should also explain why this particular type of leadership is needed now and why this leadership style was selected.)

The objective of the training.

What would the training involve (the components of training)?

A rationale for introducing new leadership skills to the management.

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Need for the Training
To address the current management crisis resulting to some operational and organizational modifications that necessitate corresponding changes in leadership and management approaches.
Objectives of the training
1. To help existing managers of MSO in coping with the situation that resulted to a change in leadership and management approaches and styles in dealing with the employees.
2. To provide the managers with the knowledge and skills required to become effective and efficient managers along the different levels:
2.1 Top management
2.2 Middle management
2.3 First-line management

Components of the Training
With the assumption that managers perform different functions on the basis of their levels in the organizational hierarchy, the training program is categorized into three:
A. Training for Managers at the Top Management Level
Top management managers must be capable of having a ...

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The order to address the current crisis for leadership training is examined.