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    Explaining Leadership and Change Management

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    You are the director of a department in an organization and have been chosen to implement a change initiative. As part of creating a plan to implement the change, you want a strategy to ensure that your followers perceive you as a leader rather than as a manager. Describe your strategy and why you believe this strategy will be effective.

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    Source: Leadership Strategies for the Four Stages of Change: Moving Your Employees to Commitment
    by Laura Stack. Productivity Pro. 2011

    This is about change management - it is usually a difficult but gradual process in any situation. The question also makes you to think about the key differences between a leader and a manager. As you may know, managers generally focus on control, administration and the bottom line while leaders challenge the status quo, coach, develop and inspire ...

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    This solution discusses how a manager can be perceived as a leader and a strategy for implementing a change initiative. The solution uses Stack's Leadership Strategies for the Four Stages of Change (2011) as a sample strategy that can lead an organization to successful change.