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Ensuring effective teamwork for attaining objectives of TQM

Describe how you will ensure effective teamwork for attaining objectives of TQM

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Following considerations are necessary for Effective Teamwork:

Criteria for Team Effectiveness:

First, the team must achieve its goals of quality improvement.

Second, teams that improve quality performance quickly are more effective than those that take a long time to do so. One of the strengths of teams is their potential for rapid adaptation to changing conditions.

Third, the team must maintain or increase it strength as a unit.

Fourth, the team must preserve or strengthen its relationship with the rest of the organization. Effective teams-whether it is a steering committee, problem-solving team, or self- managed team-must improve quality within a reasonable time frame and strengthen working relationships both inside and outside the team.

Team Membership
Managers need to understand why people do and do not join teams. People participate on team for many reasons.

? They want to be progressive in making decisions that affect their work.
? They believe that being ...

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The solution breaks down the criteria for Team Effectiveness and then describes the reasons people participate on teams. Organizational Support for TQM is discussed. Reference: Total Quality by Evans