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Impact of technology on GM's competitiveness

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Explain if you would support Mr. Szygenda's comment regarding how technology is impacting GM's ability to be competitive.

In your response, please include, at a minimum, the influence of technology on the following:

1. Marketing strategies/research
2. TQM
3. Quality assessment
4. Capital budgeting
5. Human resources.

Syzgenda's response:

When Ralph Szygenda, CIO at General Motors, received the Technology Leader of the Year Award in 2005, he was quoted as saying that when he first started at GM in 1996, the automaker [was in] a vacuum both in terms of IT technology and people, and that his IT team"s integration [of technology] efforts [is] a key competitive advantage

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Yes, I will certainly support Szygenda's comment that his team's effort is really a key competitive advantage for GM in the sense that in today's competitive business environment, leadership in technology is a key source of competitive advantage for large companies like GM, not only in terms of attaining operating efficiency, but also in terms of product innovation and quality.

Technology has a major influence in enhancing the effectiveness of marketing research, strategies and plans. Technology allows GM to conduct complex market research with ease and analyze huge information and collected data with data ...

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how technology is impacting GM's ability to be competitive.

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