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    Application of the Principles of Team Building

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    Your departmental team has been together for a while and generally works well together. You have been given a new project, which will be something totally new for the company. You will put together a plan detailing how you will apply the principles of team building to construct an approach for the team to follow. You will also develop a way to tackle this new project and generate new solutions and innovations.

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    A team is a group of people working actively together to achieve a common purpose for which they are all accountable (Schermehorn, 2005, G-12). Teams have always been a key factor responsible for the development of any organization, be it a business organization or be it a trust or a charitable organization or be it an essential service like hospitals and education or be it the functioning of governments. In fact a lot of International development and understanding is achieved only through a sense of team spirit among various countries.

    Why a team

    A team is put up with the objective of attaining a certain specified goal. The philosophy of a team is that the team will give a better output than the each of the team members working as individuals as collectively they can overcome all the weaknesses inherent in an individual. The team also serves an important function in that it helps the team member satisfy his social needs. Maslow has defined social needs as one of the most important needs which man looks to satisfy.

    Essentials of a team

    Clear Purpose
    The most important thing in the success of a team is that the purpose of the team is clearly laid out and each member of the team understands his role within the team towards attaining the goal.This task of communicating the purpose with clarity is usually that of the team leader. It is his responsibility to ensure this awareness among his team.

    Effective leadership
    If there is an absence of cohesiveness in such a team, there would be a lot of fingerpointing and trading and counter-trading of charges. The marketing guy may feel that the accounts guy is too slow and too conservative and the team is losing out on valuable time. On the other hand, the accounts guy may feel that the marketing guy is too hasty and does not consider other implications of his decisions.The production guy may feel that the demands of marketing are unreasonable while accounts is trying to cut costs and save money.In all these clashes the objective of the team gets blurred and the team loses out on its goal. This also leads to an ...

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