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    Change Management and Three Data Collection Methods

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    Explain the principles of change management.

    Present at least 3 data collection methods for organizational diagnosis.

    Discuss how data collecting is used in the opening stages of a change process.
    Propose a process that CF&F could use to begin the process of organizational change

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    // Change management is highly important in this competitive world, as it is an organizational process enabling the employees to adapt to the changes. As per the directions, the given part of this paper explains the principles of change management to enhance your knowledge in concern to change management.//

    Principles of Change management:

    Change management is very important for the individuals and business organizations as it is necessary aspect of human life and work environment. There are various principles of change management that are discussed as under:

    · Change starts at the top: At each and every level of an organization, change is enervating in inherent way. To deal with such issues, the top managers should start change from the top level so that all the actions are coordinated and practiced according to the plan. It also aids in understanding the culture and behavior that the changes signify to bring out.

    · Address human aspect consistently: Any type of substantial change will surely bring out some sort of individual issues. Therefore, there should be effective communication about details, benefits, implementation strategy to the human resources.

    · Focuses on formal case: It is must to focus on formal case to effectively manage change as large number of people are rational and will always raise ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 808 words with references.