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Give a specific example and walk us through primary research and its relationship to the 4P's?

Can you discuss your experience as either a consumer or professional with one of the data collection methods?

Can you help me get started with this assignment?

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Primary Research & 4Ps: Relationship

Primary Research

Research is very common in the business process of the organizations. All the business organizations follow different kind of research in their business process. There are different types of research followed by the business organizations. Among all these research methods, the primary research is very important. The primary research is used to collect any required data which the company does not already have. The data collection under primary research can be done through various methods namely, questionnaires, interviews, etc. (Gill & Johnson, 2002).

Relationship between Primary Research & 4Ps

Primary research is very useful in all the fields of the business like finance, marketing, operations, human resource, etc. In the marketing field, the four Ps of the marketing mix (Product, price, place and promotion) have a great relationship with the primary research. Through primary research, the business organization can ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 602 Words, APA Reference

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