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    Total Quality Management In Healthcare Case Study

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    1. The strategic reason that West Florida regional medical center, invested heavily in TQM, was due to the fact that the leadership of this organization analyzed the organization's continuous quality of care improvement within different departments within the organization, but sought to facilitate and methodology by which that would be an integrative and cohesive effort within the entire organization to improve the overall function, processes, and procedures of this organization in respect to provide an the highest quality of medical care to its clients. In essence, it was strategically imperative that the entire staff of the organization become integrated within one focused effort to increase organizational quality, for the future betterment of the organization.

    2. The program that was undertaking at West Florida regional medical center, reflected this strategic impetus, by developing a methodology by which the medical processes and procedures within the organization would be analyzed and improved upon by the implementation of more effective and efficient methodology, and improvement in the manner in which supplies were allocated by the organization, and a reduction in the cost of procurement, a reduction in the labor costs for nurses and other essential staff, ascertaining feedback from management and staff in regards to their ideas and opinions concerning the TQM, that's taking place, the development and implementation of to teach it planning in order to ...