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    Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare

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    I need help. I don't know how to start on this project. I don't know what a scholarly composition is or how I should go about starting this.

    Do I just answer the questions below?

    Prepare a scholarly composition using references to support your thoughts and ideas. Denote the source of information included in your response. Your response should address the following points in an academic tone:

    -A risk manager's role in addressing the events described in the case study The Joint Commission requirements for reporting sentinel events for a hospital
    -Steps a risk manager must take to address these events
    -Processes and techniques that a risk manager would take to investigate, prevent, and control these types of events now and in the future
    -Internal and external individuals and entities that might be involved in this situation, why, and in what capacity
    -The practicality and implications of one or more theories on accident causation
    -Measures to assess the performance of the organization and the risk management plan in this area as it relates to patient care and compliance
    -Impact these events could have on organizational performance, compliance, and accreditation

    The case study is attached.

    Much appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    A scholarly composition is a short response that puts it all together, or makes sense of something. Put it into paragraphs, use citations and make it professional. In this case, I would think you should describe things using the above as a guideline. Here are some examples:

    The risk manager's role would be to conduct a root-cause analysis and form an action plan. This analysis will focus on the system and processes, not the individual, although all involved personnel should participate. You can go on here to elaborate on the joint commissions guidelines in reporting a death. (I will give you some web sites to look at). Processes and techniques used to ...

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