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The Future of Healthcare

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Identify the factors that will be required for future change in the health care industry pertaining to quality improvement, patient safety, and risk management. What are the obstacles in improving quality of care? How ought financing of quality initiatives to take place and whose responsibility is it for oversight? What role, if any, should patients participate in future initiatives?

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With the upcoming expansion of healthcare coverage, it is expected that the demand for health
care services will increase. Access, costs, availability, and quality of care are ongoing concerns for the
healthcare industry and those who seek care alike. Quality improvement, patient safety, and risk
management are aspects of healthcare delivery administrators, unit managers, and healthcare
professionals must be concerned with. At the same time, consumers of healthcare should and do play
a role in these aspects of healthcare delivery.

Obstacles in improving the quality of care are related to staffing, efficient utilization of
resources, patient access, and patient compliance. With a growing baby boomer requiring more health
services and more people seeking care due (with increased healthcare coverage). Currently, nearly one
in five Americans lacks adequate access to primary care services and only 8% of medical school
graduates go into primary care practice (The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2013). With more citizens having
health coverage, the increased demand for services requires creative solutions that do not affect current
initiatives to improve quality of care. The use of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners is on the
rise, as many practices recognize ...

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The solution discusses the future of healthcare and identifies the factors that will be required for future change in the health care industry.

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